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Recreational levels - RCCR Deep diver and RCCR Recreational Mixed Gas Diver. 40m no stop, pre requisite AOW diver or higher.

Rebreathers offer great benefits to sport divers by reducing the limitations of gas.

Combined with O2 optimisation on ascent, making the breathing gas richer and increasing no stop times, CCR make long multi level not stop dives from 40m a reality. With short bailout ascent times, the emphasis of these levels is on unit knowledge, safe unit preparation and diving, loop management and the recognition of unsafe breathing gas. The ability to make a safe OC bailout ascent up a shot line or on a DSMB is a key skill for the course, with the emphasis also on unit download skills to enable post dive analysis and improvement. More advanced multipart skills are introduced to provide a platform for advancement to Adv Nitrox or ART levels.

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