HMS Victoria Expedition

HMS Victoria Expedition

Only wreck in the world that is vertical and in tact!

  • Built: April 9, 1887
  • Sunk: June 6, 1893
  • Max Depth: 150 meters
  • Min Depth: 75 meters
  • Ave Depth: 120 meters
  • Position: Vertical (90 Degrees)
  • Location: Tripoli in Northern Lebanon

Why The HMS Victoria?

The wreck, lying in more than 120 meters, is in a vertical position, with about a quarter of its length buried in the sea floor. It is thought to be the only known shipwreck in the world in a 90 degree position. 


HMS Victoria was the lead ship in her class of two battleships of the Royal Navy.HMS Victoria Expedition

When, Where and Why She Sank

On June.22, 1893; the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet was about to anchor off Tripoli, Lebanon.

HMS Victoria was the flagship of Admiral Tryon, Commander in Chief, who was conducting Manoeuvres before anchoring. He ordered that his ships form two columns, one led by him and the other by his second in command, Rear Admiral Markham in Camperdown. Tryon, an acknowledged expert in ship handling, ordered that the two columns turn inwards towards each other to arrive on reciprocal courses prior to anchoring.

Unfortunately the two columns were only six cables (1200 yards - 1097.28 meters) apart.
Because of the ships’ turning circles, this meant that a collision was inevitable. Camperdown collided with Victoria and the latter sank in about 10 minutes. Admiral Tryon and more than 350 of the ship’s company went down with her.

Crewmen and sailors jump over the side as the ship starts to sink, it sank very quickly (The front guns and turrets weighed a massive 110 tons; it was that weight that took her down as fast as she did) in an instant the Mediterranean fleet had lost its admiral and her flagshipHMS Victoria Expedition

HMS Victoria - 150m Below The Surface

The ship was left to oblivion for over a century until 2004, when, after a 10-year search project, a Lebanese diver, Christian Francis, found her.

Today the wreck is located on the coast of Tripoli, 80 meters away from the point of collision, 150 meters deep and inserting her bow, 30 meters into the sand. One of the main attractions of this wreck is its position in the bottom, nailed vertically, being one of the few wrecks that can be dived maintaining this position. 

The HMS Victoria is a wreck with great archaeological value not only because of its tragic history but also because it still keeps in good condition what made it the most advanced warship of the moment.

Cannons, turrets, projectiles, bullets, elements of security against accidents, heavy armament and even the dishes, lights and elements of daily life of its crew can be found while diving. Submerging yourself to the HMS Victoria is only available to technical divers, preferably experienced Rebreather diversHMS Victoria Expedition


Contact  through email with the reference *HMS Victoria Expedition & your name*

1. We will send you the Expedition Itinerary with the following: 

  • Technical diving pre-requisites
  • Medical clearance
  • Insurance documents
  • Accommodation referrals

2. Once you have read through all the requirements, constant communication will occur in accordance to your booking and dates available.

We hope you will be able to explore this incredible wreck with us!

Email address :
Telephone: +356 2138 4453HMS Victoria Expedition
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